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Typical Transaction Examples

Gold Coins

A client had three 1 oz. American Gold Eagles and the price of gold was $1,250. We would loan out 80% of the value of the coins, or $1,000 per coin for a total of $3,000. We also offered to purchase the coins for $1,250 minus $35 per coin, equalling $1,215 per coin. The reason for the difference in price between the loan and purchase is that on a loan we do not own your item(s). The client did not want to sell the coins and decided to take out a $3,000 loan with us at 5%.

Rolex Watch

A client had a Rolex Submariner watch he wanted to pawn. A similar watch had recently sold on eBay for $7,500. We offered to loan the client $6,500 for the watch. The client decided to sell us the watch for $6,500.


A client had a one-carat diamond engagement ring. The current RAP report showed the value of the diamond at $3,000. We offered to purchase or give a loan on the ring for $2,500. The client only needed $1,500 and took out a loan for that amount at 5%.

A client had a gold chain with a current gold value of $650. We offered the client a $500 loan at 5%. The client decided to take out the loan.

Our goal is to save our clients money. How much can we save you?

What our customers are saying:

"Before a friend told me about 5% Pawn Shop, I was paying 20% on a $3500 loan with a competitor. So I was paying $700 per month in interest. After switching my loan to 5% Pawn Shop, I was paying just $175, saving $525 per month. That allowed me to get my items back quicker and save me tons of money."
Thanks guys,
Pete M., Colorado Springs, Colorado

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