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Honest Appraisals

Our appraisal standards are fair and easy to understand. Typically, loan or purchase valuations will vary with the type of asset you plan on selling or pawning.

Gold Jewelry and Coins

Generally, we will loan or offer to purchase gold jewelry for around 80% of the current market value. For example, if your item has $1000.00 worth of gold, we would loan or offer to purchase the item for around $800. We pay higher than metal prices for high-end designer pieces.

We pay numismatic value for rare coins and will purchase or loan on those values. Often our customers are surprised to learn their coins are worth more than just the gold content. On straight bullion gold coins, we purchase and loan based on live market values. Along with an appraisal, we always help educate our customers about the value of their coins during the selling or loan process.

Silver Jewelry and Coins

Generally, on silver jewelry and coins we will loan about 70% of the current market value of the silver in your items. As with gold, we pay numismatic values on silver coins and premiums for high-end designer silver jewelry.


We base the purchase or loan offer of watches by reviewing prices on recently completed transactions of similar or equal items.


If your diamond is certified, we can give you a price over the phone or through email. Uncertified diamonds must be examined in person in order to receive an accurate quote, however, if you give us as much information as possible we can provide a general appraisal price for your uncertified diamond. We use the industry-standard RAP Report to price your diamonds. 

High-End Collectibles

On high-end collectibles, we will base the purchase or loan offer on recently completed auctions or sales of similar items.

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